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Site News:

6:15PM 2/2/2015
Welcome to the site. I have not updated it in quite a while but wanted to leave
a quick update. I have been working heavily in my fantasy world as of late with
my Pathfinder group. I have been devolping minor and major characters within and
have even started a few more novels. Again, pardon the dust, the site is in a
limbo state due to the construction but I will one day get around to finishing
the backend. Work keeps me pretty busy and so does my work at the church but
I hope to get to it again.
Quote of the moment:
Eldric: "What do you mean 'they never do'?"
Stranger: "'They' being a plural number of people. 'Never' as in the antithisis
       of the verb of 'Do' which is the action of the statement."
--PC and NPC Exchange in Pathfinder

(Really old I know)
4:21PM 5/5/2011
Alright, so semi-unrelated to this site is the news that I have finally, after
a year and three months of searching, been offered a job offer. I have yet to
accept this offer officially, (though I have told them I would like to) I am
still waiting to hear back from a seperate opportunity. Regardless, they
will wait for me to hear back from this next opportunity, as they would hate for
me to start and then leave shortly after. So... Progress!!! Thank you to everyone
who has been praying for me on this one and please continue to pray as this unfolds.
Quote of the moment:
Losing... my... balance to... the sparkly... nyaaaaaa
--Evil Betty (Kung-Pow)